Everybody Deserves a Perfect Rose Flower

May 6, 2019

Rose flowers are a way of life. They are beautiful and communicate different meanings based on their color.

Red roses convey deep emotions. It’s a symbol of love, respect, admiration and devotion. The number of roses you gift a loved one has different meanings. The most popular is 12 red roses which means “Be mine” and “I Love You”. 6 roses mean infatuation or “I would like to be yours”. 9 roses symbolize that “I want to be yours forever” and 10 roses also known as the perfect 10 symbolizes perfection. It’s like picking the best heart from a candy box. Red roses are also symbolic on Valentine’s Day.

A white rose symbolizes charity, purity and innocence. White flowers are associated with new beginnings. They are commonly used during weddings for a bride walking down the aisle. They also indicate spirituality and can be used in the worship places.

Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship and indicate purely platonic emotion. Yellow is an expression of exuberance, they evoke feelings of happiness, warmth and welcome.

Pink roses come in different variations such as pink, light pink and deep pink. Pink roses symbolize gentle emotions such as gratitude and admiration. Light pink symbolizes innocence and sweetness while deep pink indicates appreciation and deep gratitude.

Orange roses signify energy and passion. They are an expression of pride, intense desire and fascination. They are the messengers of romance and passion.

A lavender rose expresses love at first sight and enchantment. Darker shades of lavender convey a sense of royalty, splendor and adoration.

Blue roses symbolize mystery. The perfect blue rose means “I can’t have you but I cannot stop thinking about you”.

Green roses symbolize harmony, fertility, peace and tranquility. White roses with shades of green are used to wish a loved one a prosperous new life or wishes for recovery of good health.

Mixed roses create a bouquet of emotions. A mixture of white and red roses means that “I love you intensely and my intentions are pure”. A random mix would mean that” I am not sure about my feelings yet but I like you enough to send you roses”.

You can gift flowers to your loved one any time of the year. Here at Rembo Flowers, we have plenty of Rose flowers, for everyone around the world, all year round.

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