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April 25, 2019

We intend to express various sentiments for a horde of occasions through our wide variety of flowers. Our flower selections reflect an array of personalities that not only compliments any occasion, but also help dig up memory and thought. The recipient will easily relate and the intended emotion will be invoked in a professional but compassionate way.


Having trouble finding the perfect flower bouquet for a wedding? We stock a variety of idyllic flowers for a spring, summer or fall wedding? Our lash, love scented and cheerful wedding flowers are worded with honesty for happy ever after wishes. We usually recommend our best flowers for weddings depending with the season.  During a fall wedding, dark rich colored flowers are ideal.

When it comes to a spring wedding, go for the pale and delicate flowers. Seasonal flower bouquets are therefore the best wedding gift you could give a loved one. It will fit the occasion and your significant other will probably delight to the fragrance of the occasion.

It is also important that you try out a perfect bouquet that goes hand in hand with the personality of those tying the knot. This consideration will blend in with their taste and also add a personal touch to your gift.

Choosing a wedding bouquet is really tough. However, figuring out what each flower actually means can easily narrow down your choice. It is usually rumored that during the Victorian era, flowers were used to invoke various romantic meaning. For instance, the popular stephanotis was used to convey marital happiness, while magnolia represented the love of nature.

If you want to infuse your wedding party with massive symbolism, you landed in the right place. Learn to speak the language of flowers and you will never disappoint a wedding party.


You could have an entire conversation symbolized by a bouquet of flowers. Are you crushing for someone? It is today’s custom to express heartfelt affection using gifts and flowers. Flowers are the most common and here at Rembo Flowers, we are helping people celebrate love. As a token for showing deep love, shop our store for the perfect flower and make your significant other feel loved and appreciated.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to buy him/her flowers for valentines; perhaps it is high time you made your significant other an eternity companion. Therefore you are proposing. Grab a mix of flowers from our online store and have them symbolize affection, hope, trust and fascination.

Whether you want to express love for someone you have just met, or you are symbolizing love to someone you have been with for years. We have something for you here at Rembo flowers. A bouquet of red rose, ‘I love you’ to the love of your life; while a bunch of daisies could express love and cheerful desire to someone you love.

You can check our blog section for more information, so that you can learn which flower delivers a message that moves.

There are many ways to show love and buying flowers is one of them. We have a variety of roses and flower packages that will help you pass across your message.


It is believed that there are various flower types that represent different meanings for the number of years that you have been in a relationship. Well, at Rembo flowers that belief is true and we are helping lovers across the world realize what it means to have a heartbeat. As much as there are flower types that go hand in hand with the anniversaries, there are flowers that should be avoided at all costs. For instance, you should not send yellow roses during an anniversary because this signifies disappointment or friendliness.

Well did your significant other steal your heart? It is time to spice up that anniversary and steal their soul. Enchant your compassion with a surprising bouquet of anniversary flowers and they will never regret meeting you. We recommend red or pink roses as these two colors represent compassion, love, trust and charm for one another. 

Our aim is to ensure that you convey words through flowers. Rembo flowers guarantees happiness for your loved ones and our flowers have an added touch for meaning. We stock a variety of flowers and we think the red rose is the perfect symbolism for happy anniversaries.

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