How to Store Roses

April 25, 2019

Preserving the Quality of Roses

How long should a flower last in an extra warm or extra cold compartment? Better yet, what could be the life span of a flower in normal environmental conditions? Chances are you bought roses and you need to deliver them in their quality fresh to their destination. How do you ensure a rose doesn’t wilt and end up ruining your chances of brightening up someone’s days? How do you store the bulk of roses and ensure they last for a few days.

Gifting roses is a lovely romantic idea. It doesn’t matter whether you indulge in this sort of romantic for passion, or just occasionally. A flower, especially the rose should light up the spirit of a loved one; fill their heart with an emotional spectrum of happiness and belonging. In this guide, we want you to learn best storage practices for flowers, how to keep them safe and a ton of other questions that you might have concerning safety of roses.

Keep them Hydrated
Roses are cut in the morning before it actually gets hot in the afternoon. Hence the flowers re quit hydrated and you need to maintain this form until they are delivered. Cutting the roses whilst it’s wet ensures they don’t wilt. Immediately after cutting, the stems should be kept hydrated; let’s say in a water filled vase or bucket.

Mostly, the roses could be kept in a refrigeration unit in bulk.  The cool temperature ensures they last longer. The unit conditions can also be controlled, which is an added advantage.

Squash the roses where the petals and the stem meet.
Squeezing the integral point of the petals and the stem can help you determine whether the roses are fresh or old. The roses are only fresh, if this part feels firm and taut. Where the meeting point is squishy and loose, the roses are old and have lost their freshness.

You should also inspect the roses for petals that could have been bruised or damaged. Remove the few damaged petals in case they ruin the appearance of the flower. However, note it is quite difficult to improve an already damaged flower.

Where you want to trim the stems, do so while the stem is submerged under water. This prevents air from getting into the flower. Air has been known to turn roses mushy and makes their quality to deteriorate.

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